Post-digital. Different Borders


Exhibition of young artists — students of the Open School Manege/MediaArtLab. 

Night of museums:

The opening of the exhibition will be held on the 17th of May during the “Night of museums”. The program will be intense: performances and the marathon of presentations by authors themselves. Artists will tell about the ideas behind their works, the reasons why their topics are relevant for them.

About the exhibition:

Media art is constantly striving towards the creation of new environments and alternative ways of perceiving the world, learning about it, analysis and reflection of the processes surrounding us. It confronts the viewer with a split screen, the plurality of points of view, the destruction of the spatial and temporal distance, displacement and dissolution of stable subjective identities and so on.

Young artists possess an especially subtle perception of the cultural processes and a flair for the upcoming changes. They analyse the changes in our perception in the contemporary post-digital environment, investigate the ways human subjectivity changes in the world, connected by the global networks and flooded with informational noise. the ways we perceive the increasingly elusive reality, we feel and touch it.

The exhibition presents the projects of the new generation of Russian artists, working in the field of video art, media installation, photography, performance and interdisciplinary practices.

The exhibition consists of four sections: Touching Art, Shame and Disgust in the Post-digital Age, Escape and Mutual Action. The subjects are closely intertwined and create a broad panoram of the look at the modern world from different points of view - from the tactile perception of the surrounding processes to the analysis of the people’s interactions in the post-digital society.

The works of the following artists will be presented in the Worker and Peasant exhibition hall:

2 floor
Section "Shame and Disgust in the Post-digital Age"

  • Maria Kramar

  • Zlata Ponirovskaya

  • Alexey Taruts

  • Andrey Cherkasov 

3 and 2.5 floor
Section "Escape"

  • Danila Bulatov

  • Olga Karyakina

  • Sergey Kischenko

  • Alexander Leschev

  • Ksenia Lyashenko

  • Natalia Toropitsyna

3 floor
Sections "Touching Art" and "Mutual Action"

  • Daria Gusakova

  • Vadim Kartashov

  • Elena Koptyaeva

  • Oleg Matrokhin

  • Maria Obukhova

  • Marina Ragozina

  • Maria Sakirko

  • Anastasia Sviridova

  • Alisa Taezhnaya

Special project — installation from the creators of the multimedia performance “The Death of Tarelkin”:

  • Evgenia Dolinina

  • Alexandr Leschev

  • Vera Konyashova

  • Marina Ragozina

  • Maria Sokol