Cycle "Great Expectations"

"Pastorale" by Roman Mokrov
Dina Karaman "Cinema to a Romantic"
Antonina Baever, Dmitry Venkov "Time Shall Be No More"
Sofia Gavrilova "Imaginary Territories"
Albert Soldatov "The Festival"
Nikolai Onishchenko "Mist. Halt"
Alaxei Taruts "Raves I Have Missed"
Vera Konyashova "The act of Contruction"
Maria Sakirko "Look Back Before You Head off Home"
The final exhibition of the project

About Great Expectations exhibition programme

Great Expectations is a new exhibition programme in the Museum of Screen Culture Manege/MediaArtLab with the participation of the Triumph gallery. The project is a progressive platform for visual experiments and media innovations for young Russian artists. They have their own voice and a recognizable approach but continue to search permanently for the new means of expression. They have participated in many exhibitions, but are ready to try new methods of communicating with the audience, experimenting in spaces, taking risks and exploring border areas of visual arts and multimedia.

Great Expectations exhibition programme presents a series of personal exhibitions in the Media Library in the Museum of Screen Culture Manege/MediaArtLab. Each exhibition of the series will last approximately one month, when the artist uses his recognizable style in new exhibition area and presents his new work to the public — these video and media installations that have never been seen before. Each exhibition of the Great Expectations series is a unique statement of an artist and his curator, a special screening of lively new pieces of work. This exhibition in the artist's biography marks the transformation from a young promising author to a serious professional. It opens new perspectives in personal research and self-identification in the art system. And of course Great Expectations is a great possibility for a young artist to open a personal exhibition for a large audience in one of the main exhibition halls of Moscow, and still enjoy freedom in his experiments. The following artists who will present their work in the framework of Great Expectations in Museum of Screen Culture Manege/MediaArtLab are Evgeny Granilschikov and Dina Karaman.

Moscow Department of Culture
The Manege Museum and Exhibition Complex
The Museum of screen culture Manege/MediaArtLab
«Triumph» Gallery


Opening date: December 3
Exhibition dates:
December 3, 2013 — January 12, 2014
Central Exhibition Hall Manege, Media Library of the Museum of Screen Culture Manege/MediaArtLab, 1, Manezhnaya square
Curated by
Alisa Taezhnaya

Roman Mokrov “Pastorale”
Russian artist Roman Mokrov in his video work of the last few years explores the mythology of the post Soviet space where the imaginative and the desired conflicts with a disappointing literalism of reality. His multimedia pastorales always look as if found round the corner — in everyday landscapes,  that are looked at with a tired eye and perceived as banality or underdeveloped public spaces, abandoned recreational zones or monuments of the glorious past,  stuck in an uncertain present.