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Videonights with Manege

Non-stop programme

April 12—18, 2013

9 p.m. — 11.30 p.m.

Videonights with Manege is a long-term series of unique video screenings and a rare opportunity to see video art on the large screen in the very centre of Moscow — when it gets dark. 

The idea of the project is to show the whole spectrum of the possibilities of video art, demonstrating the broad potential of the moving images. It has place for documentation of performances and for asocial research, for a historical fantasy and a photo montage, a narrative with a plot, a cinematographic intertext and a musical experiment. The demonstration of this broad diversity is the goal of the first cycle of the Videonights as its organisers see it. For “an artist, — according to the video art theorist Alexey Isaev, - automatically puts himself in opposition to the totality: to his material, to the viewer, to the society, to the power, to time and space.

Cycle #1


  1. Perry Bard. Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake. 2008, 3’00”
  2. Paul Clipson. Light from the Mesa. 2010, 6’00’’
  3. Ilya Korobkov. To joy. 2009, 5’50’’
  4. Alexandra Kuznetsova. Three colours. White? Three colours. Grey? Three colours. Red? 2012. 5’00’’
  5. Nina Kurtela. Transformance. 2010, 8’15”
  6. Manoukian. Nuit Blanche. 2009, 4’41”
  7. Taus Makhacheva. Bullet. 2010, 4’39’’
  8. Roman Mokrov. Spring. 2012, 5’26’’
  9. Bill Morrison. Release. 2010, 13’00’’
  10. Anri Sala. Answer Me. 2008, 4’51’’
  11. François Vogel. This Thirst. Music: Reham. 2011, 4’00’’
  12. Yang Fudong. The Nightman Cometh. 2011, 19’21’’
  13. Jesper Just. Sirens of Chrome. 2010, 12’38’’