Schedule of the first semester of the program “Projections of the Avant-Garde”

April 12th, 2:00 PM

Session “New History of the Avant-Garde”
Peter Greenway (Great Britain), Saskia Boddeke (Netherlands).

Round table «Looking for the Avant-Garde. Past, Present, Future» 

Moderator Olesya Turkina

  • Eugenia Shermeneva – curator of the “Theater” section,
  • Irina Korobyina – consultant of the “Architecture” section,
  • Dmitry Karpov – consultant of the “Poetry” section,
  • Olga Shishko – author of the program.


April 15th, 7:00 PM
Session “Painters of the Avant-Garde and Theatre”, part 1

Moderator Mikhail Levitin

  1. Mikhail Levitin “Theatre Direction in 1920-1930s”
  2. Elena Strutinskaya, Maria Lipatova “Theatre of Alexander Tairov. Theater of Vsevolod Meyerhold”
  3. Eugenia Ilyuhina “Theater of Natalia Goncharova and Mihail Larionov”
  4. Irina Pronina “Pavel Filonov: The Theatre of the Impossible”.

April 17th, 7:00 PM
Session “Painters of the Avant-Garde and Theatre”, part 2

Moderator Lyubov Pchelkina

  1. Irina Vakar “Theatre of the Avant-Garde. Malevich and Others”
  2. Alexander Ponomarev “’Zangezi’ by Velimir Khlebnikov Produced by the ‘Chetnechet’ Theatre”
  3. Andrey Smirnov
  4. Lyubov Pchelkina “Solomon Nikritin’s Projection Theatre”
  5. Dmitry Aryupin “’BlackSkyWhite’: Bauhaus and Electronic Solutions for the Stage”.

April 19th, 3:00 PM
Session “Russian Avant-Garde in the West: Interpretations, Influences, Challenges for Understanding”

Moderator Ekaterina Bobrinskaya

  1. Nina Guryianova (USA) “The Russian Avant-Garde and the Methodologies of Its Exploration in the USA”
  2. Jean-Claude Marcadé (France) “Perception of the Russian Avant-Garde in France and the Surroundings”
  3. Andrey Sarabyanov (Russia) “Russian Avant-Garde in the West”.

April 22nd , 7:00 PM
Session “Russian Avant-Garde and Politics (from Anarchism to Communism)”
Moderator Natalia Smolyanskaya

  1. Nina Guryanova (USA) “The Poetics and Ideology of the Russian Avant-Garde”
  2. Natalia Smolyanskaya (Russia–France) “Projects and Projections”
  3. Ekaterina Lazareva (Russia) “Aesthetisation of Politics vs. Politisation of Aesthetics”.

April 24th, 7:00 PM
Session “Music vs. Technology. Graphic Sound. Microtonal Avant-Garde. Optical Synthesis”
Moderator Andrey Smirnov

  1. Andrey Smirnov (Russia) “Looking for the Lost Sound. The Pioneers of the Sound Art in Russia in 1910 – 1930s”
  2. Natalya Katonova (Russia) “Microtonal Avant-Garde”
  3. Derek Holzer (Germany) “Exploring the Past. Media Archeology of the DIY Electronic Sound”.

April 24-25th10:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Museum and Exhibition Center «Rabochiy I Kolkhozniza»
Workshop in optical sound synthesis by Derek Holzer (Germany) – preliminary registration required.

April 26th5:00 PM
Special event

Presentation of the outcomes of Derek Holzer’s workshop in optical sound synthesis and “ToneWheels” performance.

April 29th7:00 PM
Session “Modern Composer and the Avant-Garde”

  1. Alexander Manotskov (Russia) “Temporal Temperament and the Will to Transcending Time”
  2. Dmitry Kurlyandsky (Russia) “The Personification of Styles Today”
  3. Vladimir Rannev (Russia)

Concert together with The Moscow Modern Music Band.

May 13th, 7:00 PM
Session “Constructivism and Industrial Art”

  1. Christina Kayer (USA) “Comradely Subject of the Industrial Art”
  2. Christina Lodder (UK) “Exploring the Constructivist Paradigm”. 

May 17th, 5:00 PM
Olga Shishko — guided tour of Peter Greenway and Saskia Boddeke’s exhibition “Golden Age of the Russian Avant-Garde”.

May 18th, 5:00 PM
Finissage and the presentation of the catalogue of Peter Greenway and Saskia Boddeke’s exhibition “Golden Age of the Russian Avant-Garde” — free entrance.

May 20th, 7:00 PM 
Session of poetry performances

  1. Sergey Biryukov (Russia) “The Acoustic and the Visual in the Russian Poetic Avant-Garde. 1910- 2010s”
  2. Natalya Fedorova (Russia) “Technologies of Lettrism”.

May 22nd, 7:00 PM
Session “Bauhaus and Vkhutemas Interaction”

Moderator Irina Chepkunova

  1. Irina Korobyina (Russia)
  2. Irina Chepkunova (Russia) “Educational System: Bauhaus, Vkhutemas”;
  3. Philipp Oswalt (Germany) “Collective Household in the Bauhaus Tradition”. 

May 24th, 2:00 PM
Special event
Nicolay Vasilyev (the author of “Architecture of the Avant-Garde”) – architectural guided tour.

May 27th, 7:00 PM
Session “Film as Installation / Installation as Film”

  1. Olga Shishko (Russia) “Fascinated by Screens, or Time of Affect”
  2. Raymond Bellour (France) “Cinema and The Art of the Moving Image”.

 June 12th, 7:00 PM

Special program by “Theatre” magazine

“Exploring the Phenomenon of Avant-Garde in the Contemporary Theatre”

June 14th, 5:00 PM
Session “Experiments with Space: Institute für Raumexperimente”

Moderator Anastassia Shavlokhova

Julius von Bismarсk, Fabian Knecht, Lucas Topfer, Markus Hoffmann (all — Germany).

June 17th, 7:00 PM
Session “Avant-Garde of the Digital Text”

  1. Roberto Simonowski (Germany) “Avant-Garde of the Digital Text”
  2. Eugeny Gorny (Russia).

June 21st, 7:00 PM

Special event

Multimedia performance by Steve Dickson and The Chameleons Group “The Waste Land”.

June 21st, 5:00 PM

Session “From The Montage of Attractions to Neurocinema”

Part 1. “Multidimentionality of Psycho effects. Music, Cinema and Theatre”

  1. Steve Dickson (UK – Singapore)
  2. Boris Yukhananov (Russia)
  3. Alexey Nadzharov (Russia). 

June 22nd, 3:00 PM
Session “From The Montage of Attractions to Neurocinema”

Part 2. “Experiments of the Cinematic Avant-Garde”

  1. Nicolay Izvolov (Russia)
  2. Alexander Deryabin (Russia).

Part 3. “Contemporary Research in Neurocinema and Enactive Cinema”

  1. Pia Tikka (Finland)
  2. Alexander Valjamae (Estonia)
  3. Lyubov Bugaeva (Russia)
  4. Sergey Filippov (Russia)

June 26-27th7:00 PM
Special event

Premiere of the multimedia theatre play “The Death of Tarelkin”. Joint project by the Open School “Manege / MediaArtLab”, Center of Dance and Performance “Tsekh” and Ballet “Moskva”.