OKK/Raum 29. Opinion Props
The faculty of “Media-art: visual and social practices in the modern art”

OKK/Raum 29. Opinion Props

11-16 October 2012 / St Petersburg

MediaArtLab and ZHIR Project, Moscow

Participants (okk, Berlin):
Andrius Savickas, Ricardo Ramirez, Juan-Pablo Diaz, Pablo Hermann

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The faculty of “Media-art: visual and social practices in the modern art” of the Academy of communication

The faculty of “Media-art: visual and social practices in the modern art” of the Academy of communication

Dean — Olga Shishko, an art historian and curator.

Freedom of thought, understanding of the social problems, knowledge the new forms of strategies and media, futurism and reflection are the sections of education in the modern art.

We live on the one hand next to artists of cinema, video, stage performance art, and on the other hand on the territory of fine art which is expanding its boarders more and more. The main goal of the media-art is to resist to the pressure of the authoritarian machine of amusement.

Our purpose is to show how the need of Artist finds the implementation. Aren’t you an artist? You are mistaken, my friend, you don’t know it… The man who wants to shape properly his modern sense is an Artist.

Art today — it is a total scope. Our task is to open as many doors as possible. To create art, to breathe — these are about us!

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Course “Media-culture / The modern art”

The course is worked out by Alex Isaev and Olga Shishko for the Institute of social and economic sciences of Moscow. The artworks are situated in the “Media library” of the Center.


TV-program “From cinema avant guarde to video-art”

The program is about experiments in cinema and video. Each edition is devoted to a certain theme. It is built as a film-collage with original visual effects, specific editing modes and a number of music.

The program is not created by artists but by cinematographers who are interested in form’s ability to change and transform. This visual and ideological transformation, the movement throw the time and fates, “from cinema vanguard to video-art” has become the main subject of the program creator’s interest and its style pivot.


The “Cross-Media” studio

The project “Cross-Media” (X-Media) is an educational course for mastering of electronic technologies in searches and experiments in media art. The goal is to achieve a creative result by practice.

More than 30 artists and compositors have taken a part in the project for 3 years. There were more than 70 lectures and creative meetings with artists and art historians. 14 artistic projects were realized. Many leading specialists from Europe and USA were among the studio’s guests.

The Artistic Laboratory of the New Media

This is an educational course prepared by members of the Center of the modern art of Soros (Moscow). The preparation and realization of author’s projects to the NewMediaTopia exhibition had passed in the Artistic Laboratory of the new media (NewMediaArtLAb).

The educational project NonStopMedia

The creation of professional partner relations on directions “East — Russia — Regions” in popularization and development of new forms of screen technologies is one of the priority directions of “MediaArtLab” activity.

“MediaArtLab” realizes the program of forming of professional resource center and informational base sequentially. There are foundations for increasing the amount of partners interested in creating own audio-visual archives of Media art for public shows and also in educational purposes.